Summit's Holistic Approach

At Summit we believe documents are the key vehicles by which information travels through your organization. Furthermore, streamlining the flow of that information has many tangible and non-tangible benefits. So why only analyze a portion of that information flow? Summit is proud to be the only local business partner that has perfected a style of refining ALL aspects of document flow. Over the last 25 years, we’ve gathered a comprehensive understanding of end-to-end business processes.


Our Concern is in The Details, So You Can Focus on Results

A very wise person once best described business processes as pieces crucial to the completion of a puzzle. This completed puzzle is intended to clearly depict an image of your organization, internally and externally. Like a favorite childhood puzzle, as time and growth occur these pieces become weak, broken or possibly lost all together. Summit’s approach is designed to help you identify area of opportunity and continuing the evolution of your business.The pieces we are looking to locate and polish are any document related. Our Output and Distribution Specialists work with you and your teams to understand your current scenario involving the creation, printing, mailing and archiving of your company’s documents. Information we like to take into consideration would be:

  • Corporate culture
  • Company goals, benchmarks and initiatives
  • What technology and applications we have to work with, currently in place
  • Financial impact of current scenario, as it relates to administrative budgets

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