Benefits of Summit's Archiving Solutions

If you’re traveling to a filing cabinet or offsite storage facility only to decipher someone else’s filing structure, we can guarantee you're spending more time on that process than you have to. Summit partners with our clients to provide piece of mind when it comes to the capture, security and retrieval of their most valuable asset…their information. After analyzing your current process, Summit believes that your team will see the value in creating a single repository for your paper and digital files. There are many benefits, a few that we find the most rewarding are:

  • Improved customer service by enabling instant access to documents needed to answer inquiries
  • Ensured compliance with Government Regulations by providing secure access and audit trails
  • Creation of a Disaster Recovery Strategy by backing up scanned paper information off site

Enhanced and Automated Workflows

Perhaps you’re familiar with the terms “EMR” or “Document Imaging Systems” and you’re wondering why Summit didn’t just follow the industry pack? We certainly love providing those solutions, however we realize you may already have a technology investment that is fulfilling a purpose. That being said, we don’t limit our expertise to ground breaking implementations. Our vendor partners provide us with the utilities to integrate with existing applications and enhance functionality, when needed. Cumbersome business processes we have refined include:

  • Ease of importing information by scanning, printing, faxing or all simultaneously
  • Automated workflows within an archiving solution, for better internal company communication
  • Routing incoming faxes to an employee’s email, simultaneously storing the image in a document management system
  • Integration with current business applications, promoting a smoother internal transition.

Summit’s expertise in archiving your organizations documents is merely a stepping stone to a complete solution to help you to the top. Click here to learn more about our Full Document Analysis!