Benefits of Improved Data Quality

How important is it that your mail reach your client on time? Many businesses aren't aware that there are ways to ensure that your mail piece arrives on time, at a discounted postal rate! When you partner with Summit to improve data quality, reducing your DSO won't be the only benefit but it's certainly a good start! 

2021 Rate Change

The rates listed below reflect the USPS® price increases in effect August 29, 2021.

Evaluating and Leveraging IT resources

At some point recently you've probably heard yourself or someone else question that need for cloud based solutions. If we are being honest, you might even be downright tired of hearing it.

In a meeting several years ago, I worked with a local company to architect the most critical of all of their business processes. The "cloud" discussion surfaced and I was faced with the question "why would we EVER consider a cloud based solution?". Luckily I had already considered the pros and cons in an effort to prepare for what my recommendation would ultimately be. 

Rate Change FAQ's

Answers to your rate change questions!

USPS Offers Discount For Metered Mail

2014 Rate Change

We are thrilled to announce  yet another benefit to partnering with Summit! The rate change that goes into affect today marks the first time ever that the USPS has offered a discount for metered mail. For those who process their mail today and notice the meter display reflects $0.48 rather than $0.49 please DO NOT be alarmed. If you are not currently equipped  to receive this discount Summit can help! Click here to get more information!

Patent Trolls: Received Their Letter?

Did you scan and then email it to your legal counsel? Yes? No? Maybe it’s no one’s business?

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