2021 Rate Change

The rates listed below reflect the USPS® price increases in effect August 29, 2021.

First-Class Mail®

If your small business uses stamps or purchases postage directly at the Post Office, this year's increase will significantly impact your bottom line. Don't miss out on a 9% meter discount with a Quadient meter. Choose the perfect meter for your business.

Letters - 1 oz. (Stamped)
Letters - 1 oz. (Metered)
Letters - Additional Ounces (Stamped)
Letters - Additional Ounces (Metered)
Large Envelope (Flat) - 1 oz.
Domestic Postcards

Certified Mail®:

There have been two major price increases to Certified Mail® this year. The silver lining: You can reduce the impact on your business by using an online solution like ConnectSuite e-Certify. With e-Certify, you’ll use an electronic Return Receipt and save $1.20 on every Certified Mail® piece. You can save nearly 38% on all Certified Mail® costs.

Breaking it down, as of August 29, 2021 it will cost $7.38 to send a First-Class Letter as Certified Mail® with a hard copy Return Receipt:

  • $0.58 for the Postage
  • $3.75 for Certified Mail® fee
  • $3.05 for Return Receipt Hard Copy


Certified Mail®
Certificate of Mailing
Return Receipt - Hard Copy
Return Receipt - Electronic
Signature Confirmation®

The complete Postal Service filings with the updated August prices can be found on the USPS® Postal Explorer website