Evaluating and Leveraging IT resources

At some point recently you've probably heard yourself or someone else question that need for cloud based solutions. If we are being honest, you might even be downright tired of hearing it.

In a meeting several years ago, I worked with a local company to architect the most critical of all of their business processes. The "cloud" discussion surfaced and I was faced with the question "why would we EVER consider a cloud based solution?". Luckily I had already considered the pros and cons in an effort to prepare for what my recommendation would ultimately be. 

Today our team spends a considerable amount of time trying to understand the challenges our clients face day to day, this includes investigating how to leverage the IT resources onsite. I found this article to be a very thought provoking line of questioning when evaluating cloud services, particularly Directory as a Service (DaaS) and if it's the best fit for your business.