USPS- Priority Mail Rate Change

The United States Postal Service will change prices for Priority Mail Services on Sunday, September 7. These changes will affect all customers who mail over-sized large envelopes, flat-rate envelopes, flat-rate boxes and packages.  The USPS is introducing substantial reductions to attract customers who ship parcels by ground in the six- to 20-pound range.

The new rates only apply to Priority Mail. The January 2014 rates for First-Class Mail, Standard Mail, Standard Post, Media Mail, Library Mail, Priority Mail Express and International mail will not change.

Following are guidelines for Priority Mail. The most important thing to remember is that all First-Class Mail items over 13 ounces are sent via Priority Mail. Items less than 13 ounces may be sent using Priority Mail if the sender wants the item to arrive sooner or wishes to take advantage of the tracking service.

Mailing Guidelines for Priority Mail®

  • Size and Weight Guidelines
  • All First-Class Mail® items over 13 ounces are sent at the Priority Mail® service price. Mail content less than 13 ounces may also be sent at the Priority Mail price at the request of the sender.
  • Minimum Size = 3_1/2 x 5 inches.
  • Maximum Length + Girth = 108 inches.
  • An oversized letter or package needs to be measured to see if it fits within guidelines. The dimension guidelines for the machinability of a Priority Mail item are 27” x 17” x 17”.
  • Maximum Weight = 70 pounds (lower weight limits apply to commercial plus cubic and some APO/FPO/DPO mail).
  • Priority Mail® packages larger than 1 cubic foot and traveling to destinations within Zones 5-8 are subject to dimensional-weight pricing.
  • Estimated Delivery Times
  • Priority Mail may arrive in 1 day, 2 days or 3 days based on where you’re shipping your package from and where it’s being sent. (The scheduled delivery day can be found when postage is calculated) This is not a guaranteed service
  • Date of delivery is not guaranteed. Delivery by a specific date at a specific time is not available.
  • The first Postal business day counted is the day after the item was mailed. 
  • Priority Mail® service, through USPS Tracking™, can be tracked at no additional charge. This also allows you to find the delivery status of the mailpiece.



Regular Retail Rates
Current Price Priority Mail Product 9/7/14 Price
$5.60 Flat Rate Envelope $5.75
$5.75 Legal Flat Rate Envelope $5.90
$5.95 Padded Fat Rate Envelope $6.10
$5.80 Small Flat Rate Box $5.95
$12.35 Medioum Flat Rate Box $12.65
$17.45 Large Flat Rate Box $17.90
$15.45 APO/FPO/DPO  Large Flat Rate Box $15.90