What do Your Documents Say About Your Organization?

Do they best reflect what you intend for them to... Professionalism? We believe documents are the key vehicles by which information travels through your organization.The long term relationships that we have with our clients provides insight into the evolution of an organization. While many others focus on the documents alone, Summit believes a business process begins long before ink meets paper. Summit's team of specialists understand the basic goals of documents created in various vertical markets. However it is extremely important that we discover the workflow and goals that drive money back to your bottom line. During that discovery process we evaluate your current document layout:

  • What manual steps occur prior to printing?
  • Are there documents unnecessarily or redundantly printed?
  • What employee processes take place after printing?
  • Do the documents reflect the corporate branding of your company?
  • If documents are remitted back, can your staff quickly process payments?

Proven Forms Management Solutions That Reduce DSO 

A key component to an organization’s successful and consistent growth is the ability to do so without increasing administrative costs. Eliminating manual employee processes and improving the message conveyed by the document can reduce DSO and associated postage expense as well. Our forms creation and management solution accomplishes the following for businesses in the Oklahoma, Texas and Missouri markets:

  • Convert Accounts Receivable to Cash Faster
  • Leverage Invoices to Add Marketing Messages
  • Enable Automated DIstribution
  • Reduce PRe-Printed Forms Cost


Summit’s expertise in the creation of your organization's documents is merely a stepping stone to a complete solution to help you to the top. Click here to learn more about our Full Document Analysis!