Executive Leadership

Tony Pezeshkian

Chairman of the Board/C.E.O.

A man only preceded by a name that most can’t spell, let alone pronounce. Although most call him Tony P this might be a good time to just get that out of the way…. Sound it out, just as it’s written. [Pe-zesh-key-an]

Now that we have your attention and you’re no longer thinking of every possible way to pronounce that awesome name, we want to tell you a little bit about what makes him so much more than just an interesting name.

Growing up in a large family, a teenage boy ventured far beyond his comfort zone in order to get the education he had always dreamed of. In the late 1970’s, Tony made the decision to relocate to the United States. He was fueled by ambition and energy. In spite of obstacles ahead of him (knowing very little English being the most challenging) he pressed on, earning his degree in Business Administration, from Central State University. Upon completion of that degree, he set his sights on a sales position with a small office equipment dealership in Oklahoma City. For those who know him today, draw inspiration from the stories of what would be a difficult climb to the top. Most would probably agree, there is no better way to learn the value of equality, passion and hard work. Tony challenged himself daily, mastering the art of business to business relationships. In 1995, after becoming a valuable top producing team member, Tony purchased a small portion of Summit Business Systems’ assets. Tony made the absolute most of the handful of current clients. With the help of a 17 year old data entry clerk (our current Vice President) and only 1 technician (our current Director of IT), Tony made a name for Summit Mailing and Shipping Systems within the Oklahoma City market. He led his team of 3 to success and eventually, in 1999, purchased the remaining assets of Summit Business Systems and Summit Family of Companies, Inc was formed. That team of 3 has grown to over 60 today, between 3 locations, yet Tony still manages to spend time learning about their personal and professional goals, as well as the families they return home to each day. He has a consistent focus on promoting happiness, health and prosperity within the walls of present day Summit. Tony is equally inspired by his employees as they work daily to perpetuate his vision of a business built on a foundation of honesty, virtue and loyalty within the communities they serve each day.

Tony and his wife of over 20 years, Evelyn, currently reside in the metro Oklahoma City area. They have two children, Sara and Ryan. They enjoy traveling and spending time as a family.