Patent Trolls: Received Their Letter?

Did you scan and then email it to your legal counsel? Yes? No? Maybe it’s no one’s business?

It has recently been brought to our attention that some Summit clients have received letters from what we refer to as “Patent Trolls” regarding their scan to email process. While Summit is unable to provide legal advice on how our clients should handle these letters, our team believes that knowledge is power. Summit feels strongly about communicating what others throughout the country have experienced after being contacted by these “Patent Trolls” and that this practice is becoming somewhat common throughout the U.S.

Below is a link to an interview with Robert Goldberg, an attorney for the Business Technology Association. Mr. Goldberg sheds some light on why our customers might be targeted and some ideas on how to handle the situation should your organization receive this type of correspondence.

You will also find the attachment below to be a good means of internal communication for your own organization. Providing a quick overview to your key personnel of what can be expected might lessen the intended intimidation factor which these trolls are really hoping to convey with their letters.


As Summit becomes aware of new developments or precedents related to this topic, we will do our best to communicate them to our current and prospective clients.