Supply - Returns and Warranty Policies


Supplies Return Policy


We will accept returns of supplies within 30 Days of Purchase Date as long as the items are in their unopened original packaging. Orders over $250 will incur a 20% restocking fee, unless Summit shipped incorrect product or quantity. Unfortunately we are not able to accept returns or issue credits for Special Order items.

Customers wishing to return items must obtain a Return Authorization prior to returning any supply items. In order to do so, please contact our Customer Care Team at at 405-947-0707 or email and provide original order number and date of purchase. Supply Items returned without a Return Authorization are not eligible for credits.



Neopost Related Ink Cartridge and Print Head Warranty Policy


Ink cartridges are warranted for 90 days from the Date of Purchase. To claim warranty credit, customer must provide original order number, date of purchase and the cartridge must have more than 50% of the ink remaining in the cartridge (measured by weight)

Exception: Hasler WJ220, WJ250, WJpro and Neopost IJ90, IJ110, IJ-15K Print Heads are warranted for 30 days from the Date of Installation if the failure is due to a defective ink regulator for Equipment under Service Contract with Summit or a manufacturing defect. All defects are subject to verification.

Ink remaining and Date of Purchase verses shipment date of validated cartridge (These products register installation date internally) are subject to verfication before credit is issued.

A replacement cartridge can be sent by contacting our Customer Care Team at at 405-947-0707 or email, any credits due under this policy will be credited again the customers account towards the replacement cartridge cost. Customers acknowledge that if the "Suspect" Cartridge is not returned, is deemed to not be deffective (functional upon testing), or does not meet the criteria listed above, that they will be billed and accept the charges for the replacement cartridge.



Equipment and Software Return Policies


Please consult your purchase or lease documents for details concerning your specific return options.